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Close Combat with Maya-Ravan

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Raja Yoga is also known as Classical Yoga. It was first described in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. In the context of Hindu philosophy Raja Yoga is known simply as yoga and is considered to be an ancient darshana, one of the six orthodox schools of Hindu philosophy.

Raja Yoga is a kind of yoga. It is a connection of the mind and intellect with the Supreme Intellect. ‘Raja’ means ‘king’. Raja Yoga is an advanced level of practice lying in  maintaining constant remembrance of God and making spiritual efforts in consciousness, thoughts and intuition in order to achieve the full control over the mind. The right practice leads to maintaining the ekras stage (being continually in the stage of internal peace and happiness without shaking) for 24 hours. In order to achieve this one has to observe yama. Yama, ‘restraints’ can be understood as ‘purification’. In ancient explanations yama contains five parts: Ahimsa (non-violence), Satya (truthfulness), Asteya (non-stealing), Brahmacharya (sexual abstinence unless intentionally procreating) and Aparigraha (non-covetousness).

However, according to the New Knowledge narrated by ShivBaba, Raja Yoga turns to be the most contemporary teaching and practice. It is taught cyclically by the Supreme Spiritual Father Shiva in the Confluence Age, the period of the transition from one cycle to another that is passing now. Patanjali’s teachings wrote in the Yoga Sutras are only memorials of what that soul was taught by the Supreme Father in the Confluence Age.

At the end of the cycle all the human souls become completely impure. Their rajo and virya (female and male potency) have fallen and are degraded. Why? Because since the coming of Abraham for 2500 years, they have been obsessed with sexual relationships through the lower organs (genitals bhrasht indriyan), they have copulated, suffered from menstruation, ejaculation and pollution. All these lead them to decrease of energy and finally they become so vicious (vikari) that they can think only about sex and genitals. No matter what they do, they end up thinking, writing, speaking about some kind of copulation. When the human world is in its most degraded stage the Supreme Father Shiva incarnates and again, like a cycle ago, he teaches those impure and degraded (patit) humans what they should do in order to raise their energy upwards and become pure (pavan). This practice is called Raja Yoga as it turns the slaves of the body into kings or rulers over the body. It is combined with the Divine Knowledge that is called the Bhagavad Gita. Through the Gita and Raja Yoga degraded humans transform themselves into perfect beings called deities full with virtues. As deities they conceive their progeny through the high organs (shresht indriyan).

The practice of Raja Yoga starts in hell where there is nothing, but sex lust and copulation. What is happening in today’s world? The young ones and old ones, children and adults, monks as well as those in the household can’t refrain from sex lust. The same happened in the previous cycle. There are many memorials of that. For example, sculptures in Konark Temple are one of them.

No one could understand those sculptures in the proper way, until ShivBaba explained their true meanings. They show the stage of hell where humans are obsessed with sex lust. Being taught by the Supreme Father, they renounce that hellish world, conquer their greatest enemy and become like Lakshmi and Narayan  – a couple that is perfect.

The basis of the true Raja Yoga practice:

  1. the course of the Divine Knowledge (up to 7 days) in order to recognize the Father
  2. karma yoga – daily easy practice of remembering the living Supreme Father Shiva present in the body of the Father of the World (Prajapita); the practice doesn’t require anything special; remembrance can be practiced everywhere; there is no need of renouncing daily duties
  3. one hour of studying the True Gita (Divine Knowledge) daily in order to achieve the stage of manmanabhav – the stage of combining one’s thoughts with the Father’s thoughts
  4. observing purity in thoughts, words and action

The results of the true Raja Yoga practice:

  • Spiritual and physical peace, health, wealth and happiness
  • No menstruation, no ejaculation, no pollution
  • Young, strong, healthy and pure body
  • Control over all the organs
  • Control over the mind
  • Freedom from desires and all kinds of needs
  • No desire of eating and drinking (freedom from shopping, carrying, cooking, washing)
  • Freedom from working
  • No diseases (no need of medicines, doctors, injections, operations and others)
  • No tiredness
  • No sleepiness
  • Self-dependence
  • The stage of being a true self-sovereign
  • High intellectual potential
  • The stage of being full with all the virtues and powers, completely non-violent, following the highest code of conduct
  • Extraordinary spiritual and physical might
  • Urdhva-reta
  • Awakening of the true Kundalini
  • Extraordinary will power
  • Conceiving children through the highest organs

In order to understand more about the true Raja Yoga, the true Gita, the aim of the human life symbolized by Lakshmi and Narayan, about how the cycle rotates, how its shooting takes place, how the Supreme Father Shiva teaches all the humans, how it is recorded in the souls’ spiritual records please contact Raja Yoga World.

The secrets of Raja Yoga in ShivBaba’s classes (selection):

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